The marketplace

There will be Four areas in Cobalte’s marketplace :
  • Cobalte NF-Tickets
  • Cobalte Second hand
  • Cobalte Boutique
  • Cobalte Wallet
Cobalte’s NF-Tickets is dedicated to ticket sales from event organizers. There you will find NF-Tickets for sports, music and cultural events and shows. below is our first thoughts on how the marketplace will be like :
This is a preview of what the marketplace should be like but changes will be brought to improve its efficiency and to make it as more handly as possible.
Cobalte Second hand will be the section where all the shoppers will be able to resell their NF-Tickets bought in Cobalte Avenue. One of our main preoccupation is speculation. We do not want that a few people buy all the tickets and resell it at a higher price. that’s why we planned to add rules:
  • One wallet cannot buy more than 10 NF-Tickets (could be more for groups or special entity)
  • Once bought, the ressell price of a NF-Ticket will not be able to exceed a certain percentage based on the based price of the NF-Ticket. for example : A football match will take place in Paris: Le Parc des Princes. the selling price for a NF-Ticket is 75€, a spectator has bought the NF-ticket but cannot attend the match and wishes to resell it, the price of the ticket cannot exceed 82.5€, i.e. 10% more than the basic price of the NF-ticket.
Cobalte Boutique will be our online shop, where you will be able to find Cobalte customized items and branded clothes.
Cobalte Wallet, will be a non-custodial wallet navigator extension, that clients will be able to link to Cobalte Marketplaces and synchronise their wallet to the platform. they will be able to see their NF-ticket and the ones that they wish to resell. below is a first draft of how Cobalte would be like :
Cobalte Wallet will be a non-custodial wallet made for the marketplace and easier to use than any another wallet.
It might come out at the same time as the Cobalte Marketplace.