Cobalte’s NFT collection

Cobalte Genesis

The first Cobalte NFT collection is called “Cobalte Genesis”.
Why did we choose to create an NFT collection ?
Our first thoughts were to get financed very fast and launch our development phase as soon as possible. People who will mint Coblate NFT’s will get advantages such as :
  • A right to vote when choosing the association or NGO that will receive part of our profit at the end of the year. More of this point will be explain in the section “The Cobalte Foundation”
  • A reduction in platform fees (the percentage is still to be determined)
  • Advantages during events (invitation to the lodge to meet artists, --> every event will be different but we will do everything we can to arrange the best options with the organizers)
  • Free participation in raffles for special events. The prizes of the raffles will be a place offered for a purchased place, goodies, VIP pass... for example
  • More advantages are yet to come !