Cobalte NF-Ticket

Coablte’s NF-Ticket will solve these two issues and in this section we will explain how.
How to ensure that all the tickets presented are real?
We will link tickets to an NFT through the Cobalte app, we called it NF-Ticket, and introduce a changing QR code, which will make it impossible to hold a fake ticket.
How to guarantee the authenticity of tickets on the second-hand market?
We will start from the same point as the first which is the link of the ticket with an NFT.
Indeed, the NFT being linked to the ticket, buying a ticket will go hand in hand with the purchase of the corresponding NFT.
The NFT being tamper-proof, it will not be possible to exchange a "fake" NFT linked to a ticket, and therefore the risk of buying a fake ticket is of the order of 0 with Cobalte.