Cobalte aims to revolutionize the ticketing industry by providing the ultimate solution this sector need : the securitisation of the sale and the resale of tickets to access events.
Before the end of 2023, we wish to integrate a website with a marketplace and a mobile application. On one hand, we will evolve around the different actors in sport, music and culture events around the world. On another hand, we will use funding paths related to blockchain and cryptocurrency applications as well as traditional investment funds in order to finance and develop the company.
Cobalte’s value proposition first relies on the unfailed security of blockchain on which each ticket sold will be stored on. In fact, each ticket is linked to an NFT which guarantees the uniqueness and authenticity at the same time. We will also offer event organizers to create, on their behalf, ticket linked NFTs, we call it NF-Ticket.
Moreover, we will also offer the possibility to sell these NF-Tickets on our dedicated marketplace, where our customers will be able to purchase and receive their ticket in their Cobalte's in-app wallet. As well, people will be able to buy their tickets via their credit card and/or via cryptocurrency!
Cobalte allows event organizers to reach directly every attendees or fans thanks to this NFT technology.
Furthermore, Cobalte will help to prevent people from natural hazards and support actions against famine and misery. Also, we believe that a healthy earth is the key to happiness for future generations. As a result, we will donate to organizations working for its preservation. In addition, Cobalte aims to be a place where everyone can learn and share about NFTs, cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general.
Disclaimer : Cobalte is currently under development, therefore the whitepaper is subject to change in the future.
Last modified 6mo ago